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Creating value from corporate S&T/R&D resources and intellectual property since 1995

Located in Maryland close to major DoD and IC S&T and R&D funding agencies, Blue Force Consulting represents clients from all over the US.  Our firm specializes in helping companies grow their early stage (6.1, 6.2, 6,3) funded development business by understanding their technology, resources, and intellectual property and then assisting them in creating and executing an S&T/R&D business development strategy. Whether you are a small business start up or a major DoD prime contractor, we can help you develop a strategy to secure a step change in your S&T and R&D business.

Our consultants have decades of experience in identifying opportunities for clients in a number of S&T and R&D areas including, sensors, photonics, electro-optics, electronics, RF and microwave, instrumentation, material science, physics, chemistry, and biology.  We are adept at identifying opportunities for 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 funded development and have led or assisted in winning proposals for up to $20M.   We work tirelessly to give our clients the help they need.  The greatest measure of our success is when a client comes back to us for additional help on other opportunities.

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Areas of Expertise

S&T and R&D Strategy And Business Development

The DoD and the IC continues to rely on advancements in technology that often begins with breakthroughs in corporate and University laboratories.  However, knowing how and when to approach funding agencies is often difficult to determine.  We can help your organization leverage your core capabilities and IP and identify opportunities for early stage funding by a number of agencies.  We are particularly adept at creating opportunities for sole source funding.

Intellectual Property And Licensing

Whether you need help deciding whether and how to patent new technology, you need help creating cash flow by licensing your technology, or you need a strategy for licensing someone else's technology, our IP and licensing experts can help.  We have decades of experience in creating value from IP and with both outbound and inbound licensing.

Customer Engagement                                                

We are located in Maryland close to all of the DC/MD/VA DoD and IC funding agencies.  Whether you need someone to present your concept or progress report to a government program manager or you need someone to attend and present at a proposers day, we can provide you with customer facing assistance, often with very little advanced notice.                                                                                                                   

Proposal Preparation

The marketplace for early stage S&T and R&D funded development is very competitive.  Targeted BAA programs are often created after the funding agency interacts with several potential performers, which means that writing a winning proposal is essential.  Even in situations where there is little competition, a solid proposal is not optional.  Our consultants are experts in the creation of proposals that will not only get you funded, but with a minimal of negotiation with the government.  We can also provide Red Team review services using tools we have developed for scoring proposals based on what the customer is looking for.

Technology Scouting/Competitive Intelligence                                               

Whether you're trying to create value from your technology and IP or you need intelligence on what a competitor is doing with their technology, we can help you identify a strategy to position your technology in the marketplace and create value for you. Our consultants have significant experience in mapping technology and determining the best way to position in the marketplace.                                                                

Program Management

Once you've been awarded an S&T or R&D contract our consultants can help you manage your program so that you meet all program requirements and deliverables on time and in budget. Our program management consultants are qualified to run large programs and meet all of the typical certification requirements.



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