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Dr. Jeffrey Okamitsu started his career in academia doing research in high energy physics at research laboratories all over the world.  He and his colleagues distinguished themselves by doing experiments that were seminal to our current understanding of the Universe.  Dr. Okamitsu also spent time in academia pursuing another passion of his that would benefit him later in his career - teaching physics at all levels to highly motivated students who needed to understand the principles of physics in order to succeed in their educational goals.  After leaving academia to pursue his other passion - leveraging science, especially physics, to solve the most difficult problems faced by corporations, not-for-profits, and government entities. Whether it is developing beyond state-of-the-art products for markets that demand the highest levels of performance and/or reliability, or assisting a defense department with an urgent technology need for warfighters facing an immediate threat on the battlefield, Dr. Okamitsu has helped organizations meet or exceed their S&T and R&D goals and objectives.

Dr. Okamitsu started Blue Force Consulting to assist clients with their most difficult and challenging S&T and R&D work.  Whether it is deciding the best options and tradeoffs for a platform technology for a new defense department program or the best strategy to create value from patents in a company's portfolio, Blue Force Consulting has the expertise to overcome your challenges allowing your organization to achieve its strategic objectives.


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Blue Force Consulting understand that when a client is faced with a difficult S&T or R&D challenge that even writing down the key requirements needed to succeed can be daunting. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Dr. Jeffrey K Okamitsu

After a long career in both academia and the commercial sector Dr. Okamitsu started Blue Force Consulting to help clients with their strategic S&T and R&D objectives. His unique portfolio of experience with basic science and technology, research and development, product development, product engineering, reliability, sustainment, intellectual property, marketing, and cost reduction has given him the unique ability to operate anywhere in the value chain.

Dr. Okamitsu started Blue Force Consulting in 2016 and has a successful track record helping clients in the defense, commercial, and not-for-profit sectors.



BA, Physics and Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, 1978

PhD, Physics, 1984

MBA, 2000

Activities & Affiliations

• American Physical Society
• Civil Rights Conservation, Secretary









Activities & Affiliations